Carterville, 62918

NameTitleDate Appointed
William T. RyburnPostmaster05/27/1837
Samuel T. RussellPostmaster05/16/1842
Byrd T. RyburnPostmaster11/11/1842
Samuel T. RussellPostmaster04/05/1847
Abraham B. CornmanPostmaster07/14/1849
Hugh M. RichartPostmaster12/05/1850
John B. Russell Postmaster 04/27/1861
Gilbert Davis Postmaster02/22/1864
Samuel H. BundyPostmaster 07/22/1865
Francis M. SparksPostmaster01/29/1867
William D. ChamberlainPostmaster04/19/1869
George W. SisneyPostmaster08/31/1869
George W. McNeal Postmaster 12/18/1871
Jonathan A. Bandy Postmaster06/24/1872
Benjamin F. TranbargerPostmaster11/07/1872
C. M. ScottPostmaster01/30/1874
John D. HerrinPostmaster02/08/1875
Christopher C. Bradley*Postmaster07/27/1876
Richard H. H. HamptonPostmaster11/09/1876
Albert K. EllesPostmaster10/14/1878
George W. DuncanPostmaster11/16/1881
George L. OwenPostmaster09/19/1882
William H. PerryPostmaster02/08/1883
Mrs. Ella N. SpraguePostmaster07/28/1885
Mrs. Ella N. Winning**Postmaster07/09/1886
Maggie ThompsonPostmaster03/26/1888
David P. McFadinPostmaster04/28/1893
Herbert W. CannPostmaster04/25/1894
James A. LauderPostmaster07/19/1898
Luther E. RobertsonPostmaster03/24/1914
Lucy E. RobertsonActing Postmaster07/03/1914
Benjamin L. WashburnPostmaster02/03/1915
Cecil W. BishopPostmaster 04/14/1923
Cecil W. BishopPostmaster01/07/1924
Roger M. TippyActing Postmaster10/09/1933
Roger M. TippyPostmaster03/18/1935
Mrs. Gertrude TippyActing Postmaster08/13/1943
Mrs. Gertrude TippyPostmaster08/24/1944
Fred J. RudloffActing Postmaster07/25/1949
Fred J. RudloffPostmaster09/12/1950
Walter B. TregoningActing Postmaster03/15/1955
Walter B. TregoningPostmaster05/22/1958
Frank J. HamptonOfficer-In-Charge04/30/1971
Raymond D. RogersPostmaster03/18/1972
Donald P. EvansOfficer-In-Charge07/24/1981
Kenneth DrewPostmaster12/26/1981
Vincent L. FisherOfficer-In-Charge09/30/1992
Robert D. MaurizioOfficer-In-Charge02/05/1993
Robert D. MaurizioPostmaster02/20/1993

Discontinued October 21, 1847
Reestablished July 14, 1849
Discontinued April 29, 1865
Reestablished July 22, 1865
Changed to CARTERVILLE December 18, 1871
*Christopher C. Bradley - May not have served. **Mrs. Ella N. Winning - Name probably changed from Mrs. Ella N. Sprague

Information obtained from United States Postal Service Website