Marion Junior High School 6th grade students researched the history of Marion and developed a time line of events occurring during the 1800's and 1900's. The site also has several very interesting interviews with Williamson County residents done by former 6th graders.

  • Armstrong School (historical), Crab Orchard Lake-

    Armstrong School was located in the south quarter, sec. 6-7 in Southern Township. The school was named in gratitude for the gift of land from Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Armstrong. A new district was formed, District 100, which included parts of Flatts, Ogden, Cooksey, and Crain districts. One acre of the 80 acre farm was given by the Armstrongs. Ms. Betty Chamness taught the first term, 1896. (Barbara Burr Hubbs. Pioneer Folks and Places, Herrin, IL:Herrin Daily Journal, 1939. Reprint by the Williamson County Historical Society, 1979). Any further information about Armstrong School would be greatly appreciated.

  • Arnold School (historical), Crab Orchard
  • Bandyville School, (historical)

    This school was located across from the Herrin City Cemetery on the Old Herrin-Johnston City Road. It was a two room school. It closed in the 1960's . It was later Redman's Lodge. (thanks Mike)

  • Black School (historical), southeastern Williamson County
  • Brainate School (historical), Marion
  • Cambria Elementary School, Herrin
  • Carterville Elementary School, Herrin
  • Carterville High School, Herrin
  • Center School (historical), Pittsburg
  • Central School (historical), Crab Orchard
  • Chamnesstown School (historical), Crab Orchard Lake
  • Cherry Valley School (historical), Crab Orchard
  • Cherry Valley School (historical), East Marion Township just off Creal Springs Road (special thanks to Wm. Burns for this addition.)
  • Chittyville Public School (historical), Herrin
  • Concord School (historical), Pittsburg
  • Cooksy School (historical), Marion
  • Corley School (historical), Crab Orchard
  • Crab Orchard High School, Crab Orchard
  • Crabtree School (historical), Crab Orchard
  • Crain School (historical), Crab Orchard Lake
  • Crainville Elementary School, Herrin
  • Creal Springs Elementary School, Creal Springs
  • Creal Springs Seminary-

    The Creal Springs Seminary was opened to students September 22, 1884 with Gertrude Murrah as principal. January 5, 1894 the school was chartered as a college and conservatory of music; and placed under the control of the Baptist denomination. A board of fifteen trustees was entrusted with the problems of management. They elected Mrs. Murrah principal. Ten of the first Trustees were ministers of the Baptist church.

    This information came from the book, "Pioneer Folks and Places" by Barbara Burr Hubbs. There are two pages telling about the Creal Springs Seminary. This book is very informative and filled with information about people and places in Williamson County's history. (submitted by Mary Jo Moore)

  • Donelson School (historical), Crab Orchard
  • Douglas School (historical), Marion
  • Dykersburg School, Dykersburg
  • East Hampton School (historical), Crab Orchard Lake
  • Energy Elementary School, Herrin
  • Flat School (historical), Crab Orchard Lake
  • Fountain School (historical), Marion
  • Free Silver School (historical), Creal Springs
  • Hayton School (historical), Crab Orchard Lake
  • Henshaw School(historical)-

    "HUGH HENSHAW (my g-g-grandfather) donated the land for the Henshaw School #74. It was in Section 14 of the Stonefort Township which Hugh Henshaw entered in 1854. (Submitted by Linda Holmes White)

  • Herrin Elementary School, Herrin
  • Herrin High School, Herrin
  • Herrin Junior High School, Herrin
  • Howerton School (historical), Creal Springs
  • Hurst-Bush Elementary School, Hurst
  • Jefferson Elementary School, Marion
  • Jefferson Elementary School, Johnston City
  • John A Logan College, Crab Orchard Lake
  • Johnston City High School, Johnston City
  • Kimmel School (historical), Marion
  • Lantz School (historical), Marion
  • Lincoln Elementary School, Marion
  • Lincoln Elementary School, Herrin
  • Lincoln Elementary School, Pittsburg
  • Longfellow Elementary School, Marion
  • Mann School (historical), Crab Orchard Lake
  • Marion High School, Marion
  • Marion Junior High School, Marion
  • Mayhew School (historical), southeastern Williamson County
  • McKinley School, Marion
  • Menes School (historical) IL, southern Williamson County
  • Miller School (historical), Crab Orchard Lake
  • Mission Ridge School (historical), Marion
  • Moak School (historical), Marion
  • Motsinger School (historical), Crab Orchard
  • North School (historical), western Williamson County
  • North Side Elementary School, Herrin
  • Oak Grove School (historical), Crab Orchard Lake
  • Oak Grove School (historical), Creal Springs
  • Oak School (historical), Crab Orchard Lake
  • Odumburg School (historical), Crab Orchard
  • Ogden School (historical), Crab Orchard Lake
  • Parks School (historical), Crab Orchard
  • Pleasant Valley School (historical), Stonefort
  • Poplar Grove School (historical), Lick Creek
  • Robinson School (historical), Marion
  • Saint Marys School, Herrin
  • Saint Pauls School, Johnston City
  • Sarildia School (historical), Marion
  • School Number 38 (historical), Crab Orchard Lake
  • Skaggs School (historical), Marion
  • South Side Elementary School, Herrin
  • Southern Illnois University, Crab Orchard Lake
  • Stiritz Elementary School (historical), just north of Johnston City
  • Stone School (historical), Carbondale
  • Stringtown School (historical), Crab Orchard Lake
  • Sunnyside Grade School (historical), Herrin
  • Thorn Thicket School (historical), Marion
  • Tulley School (historical), Pittsburg
  • Union Grove School (historical), Pittsburg
  • Washington Elementary School, Marion
  • Washington Elementary School, Johnston City
  • Washington School (historical), Marion
  • West Hampton School (historical), Crab Orchard Lake
  • West Side Elementary School, Herrin
  • Whiteoak School (historical), Goreville
  • Wilson School (historical), Crab Orchard
  • Wright School (historical), Crab Orchard

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