Parks, George




At a regular term of the County Court of said County of Williamson begun and holden at the Court House in Marion, in said County on Monday the 10th day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy-nine being the second Monday of said month.
  To wit:   On Tuesday the 11th day of March A. D. 1879.
No. 55

PRESENT, Hon. George W. Young Judge,
The People of the State of Illinois

W. H. Eubanks Clerk,
Indictment for
J. H. Duncan Sheriff,
George Parks
Disturbing Worshipping Congregation
And J. W. Hartwell State's Attorney.

Attest, W. H. Eubanks Clerk

  WHEREAS, at the October Term, A. D. 1878, of the Circuit Court of Williamson County, in the State of Illinois, an Indictment for Disturbing Worshipping Congregation against Jack Parks, George Parks and Henry Glenn was by the Grand Jury of said county duly returned into Open Court, on which indictment the bail was afterward fixed by said court at the sum of one Hundred; and it was further ordered by the said Court that said indictment be certified to the County Court of said county, for process and trial, which on towit the 31st day of Oct. 1878 was accordingly done. AND WHEREAS, afterward, in pursuance of said indictment, before J. H. Duncan Sheriff of Williamson County , to wit: On the 19 day of November 1878, the said Geo Parks made his recognizance in the sum of one Hundred Dollars for his appearance at the County Court of said County, on the first day of Decr Term, 1878, thereof, to answer to said Indictment, which recognizance was then and there approved and certified by said Sheriff, and was afterward filed in said County Court, whereby it became a matter of record therein;
AND WHEREAS, the day is now come when by said recognizance the said George Parks is bound to appear: Now come the People, by Jno. Hartwell, the State's Attorney, and the said Defendant, being three times solemnly called, comes not, nor anyone for him, but makes default; and John Parks security for the said (blank) in said recognizance being (blank) also now three times solemnly called that he produce the body of the said Defendant , and he also failing therein, thereupon IT IS ORDERED BY THE COURT that the default of the said Defendant and of his security be entered of record, and that a scire facias issue herein against said George Parks and John Parks returnable to the next term of this Court, requiring the said defendant and his security then and there to appear and show cause why the People should not have judgment and execution upon their said recognizance, according to the form, force and effect thereof. Ordered also that a capias issue for the body of said Defendant , returnable to the next term of this Court.