Cooksey, Vice




At a regular term of the County Court of said County of Williamson begun and holden at the Court House in Marion, in said County
on Monday the eleventh day of August in the year of our Lord
one thousand eight hundred and eighty-four being the second of said month.
  To wit:   On Monday the Eleventh day of August A. D. 1884.
No. 613 PRESENT, Hon. James M. Washburn Judge,
The People of the State of Illinois James C. Jackson Clerk,
      vs Indictment for James H. Duncan Sheriff,
Vice Cooksey Carrying Concealed Weapon And W. W. Clemens State's Attorney.
Attest, James C. Jackson Clerk

  WHEREAS, heretofore towit a subpoena was issued by the clerk of this Court commanding Josie Young, Willie Baggs and Belle Shadowen to appear at this term of this Court and testify and give evidence on behalf of the People herein, which subpoenaed was by ythe sheriff of this County Williamson and returned into this Court duly served upon the said Josie Young, Willie Baggs and Belle Shadowen pn the 9th day of August 1884. AND WHEREAS, the day is now come when by said sunpoena the said Josie Young, Willie Baggs and Belle Shadowen are bound to appear: Now come the People, by W. W. Clemens, the State's Attorney, and the said witnesses, being three times solemnly called, comes not, nor anyone for them, but makes default. IT IS ORDERED BY THE COURT that the default of the said witnesses be entered of record, and that an Attachment issue herein against said Josie Young, Willie Baggs and Belle Shadowen returnable to the next term of this Court, requiring the said witnesses then and there to appear and show cause why they failed to attend this Court in obedience to the commands of said subpoena and that they be held to bail in the sum of One Hundred Dollars each and that this cause stand continued until next regular term of this Court.