WagonerGrassy 10-11Those Left Behind~~~
Walker (Jeffery)Herrin 8-217Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*; Lind, Unpublished; Off the Beaten PathAcross from Jeffery Mines
WardCreal Springs 10-329 Lind, vol. 2~~~
Ward-BolesSouthern 10-212Facts & Findings 13 #3; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*; Off the Beaten Path~~~
Watson, EhudWest Marion 9-214Lind, vol. 5; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*; Off the Beaten Path~~~
WestEast Marion 9-315Lind, vol. 2; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*; Off the Beaten PathHerrin Farm
West DunnSouthern 10-22Lind, vol. 2; Off the Beaten PathAka Fites & McAnally
WhiteCreal Springs 10-33~~~~~~
WhiteCreal Springs 10-34 Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*; Off the Beaten PathHerrin Farm
White OakCreal Springs 10-329Lind, Unpublished~~~
WhiteashLake Creek 8-321Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*; Lind, Unpublished~~~
Wiggs (Bainbridge)West Marion 9-2~~~~~~~~~
WilliamsCarterville 9-18~~~Moved to Carterville Community Cemetery
Williams PrairieLake Creek 8-311Lind, vol. 1; Saga, win '74; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*~~~
Willis AllenEast Marion 9-3~~~~~~2 graves, moved to Rose Hill
WilsonBlairsville 8-132Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*; Off the Beaten Path~~~
WorleyEast Marion 9-322~~~~~~
WrightEast Marion 9-38~~~No stones
WrightStonefort 10-49~~~~~~
YounkinSouthern 10-26 Saga, fall '87; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*; Those Left Behind~~~
Zion ChurchyardCorinth 8-416Lind, vol. 2; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*~~~

*"Notebook" is a collection of cemetery inventories which have not yet been or are in the process of being published. The notebooks and other books listed are available at the WCHS Museum Library , 105 South Van Buren Street, Marion, IL 62959.

This may not be a complete listing of the cemeteries of Williamson County. Cemetery rolls for the
** cemeteries can be found in the ILGenWeb Project Archives. ILWebGen is a separate project from the AHGP. A link to the ILWebGen Project for Williamson County is on the "Links" page of this website. If you know of a Williamson County Cemetery that is not listed, please email me with the complete cemetery name and location. Thank you!

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