A special thank you to Charla Murphy, President of the Williamson County Historical Society, and Helen Lind, editor of the WCHS quarterly publication Footprints in Williamson County, Illinois and member of the WCHS Board of Directors, for their assistance in providing this list. They have done extensive research in the cemeteries of this county.

Abney~~~~~~~~~Saline County
AikmanWest Marion 9-224Wmson County Cem. Notebook*; Saga, win. '98~~~
Aikman (Old Marion)West Marion 9-213Lind vol. 4; Wmson County Cem. Notebook*~~~
AllenCrab Orchard 9-227Cem...Wmson Co., vol. 2~~~
Allen, WillisEast Marion 9-319~~~Moved to Rosehill Cemetery
Allen Worley (Coleman Farm)East Marion 9-324Saga, sum. '79No stones, moved to Worley
AlmansGrassy 10-130Those Left Behind2 graves
AngelCrab Orchard 9-48Off the Beaten Path~~~
ArnoldStonefort 10-48Lind, vol. 5On Sarahville Road
Askew-WhiteCreal Springs 10-3~~~~~~~~~
AtwoodCreal Springs 10-315Lind, vol. 2off Rt. 166 to Creal Springs
BaiarLake Creek 8-317Lind, vol. 1at Johnston City
Bainbridge (on farm)West Marion 9-221~~~East of Marion
Bainbridge (Block House) aka Dunaway BainbridgeWest Marion 9-216Saga, spr. '75; Wmson Co., Cem. Notebook*~~~
BakerSouthern 10-26~~~~~~
BakerGrassy 10-133Those Left Behind~~~
BakerCarterville 9-1~~~~~~Moved to Carterville Community Cemetery
Baker-Hunter (L. Phelps)Creal Springs 10-321Wmson County Cem. Notebook*one stone
BandyHerrin 8-228Off the Beaten Path~~~
BarhamWest Marion 9-213see Rosehill CemeterySE section of Rosehill Cemetery called the Barham Connection
BarterCrab Orchard 9-412~~~~~~
BarwickCrab Orchard 9-433Off the Beaten Path~~~
BeardenCorinth 8-426~~~Brushy Creek Rd. 1.1 mi N. of Bethel Rd., Log home of J. L. Sprague next to it
Beasley, HezCrab Orchard 9-436Lind, vol. 4; Off the Beaten Path~~~
BeasleyCarterville 9-1~~~~~~Moved to Carterville Community Cemetery
BeckerLake Creek 8-316Lind, vol. 1East of Johnston City
Bell, John-Davis, Geo.East Marion 9-326~~~ ~~~
Bethany Memorial (East Lawn)Herrin 8-2~~~~~~~~~
BethelCorinth 8-436Cem... Wmson Co., vol. 2, Lind~~~
**BethlehemEast Marion 9-315Wmson Co., Cem. Notebook*; Lind, vol. 4East of Marion off Rt. 13
BlairsvilleBlairsville 8-120~~~~~~
BoltonStonefort 10-436Lind, vol. 5; Wmson Co. Cemetery Notebook*~~~
BoydHerrin 8-225Lind, vol. 1~~~
BrackWest Marion 9-223Off the Beaten Path~~~
Bradley-McCoyGrassy 10-113~~~~~~
BrandcliffCreal Springs 10-317Off the Beaten Path~~~
BrannonGrassy 10-113Off the Beaten Path~~~
Brooks~~~~~~~~~Saline County
BullinerCarterville 9-1~~~~~~Moved to Carterville Community Cemetery
BurroughSouthern 10-217Lind, vol. 4; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*~~~
BushBlairsville 8-18~~~~~~
CagleWest Marion 9-219~~~~~~
Calvert-Simmons (Old Seayburg)Creal Springs 10-335Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*; Off the Beaten Path~~~
Calvert-Wallace FarmEast Marion 9-317Lind, vol. 3; Off the Beaten Path Stones are no longer there
Cambria (same as Rodd)Blairsville 8-132Lind, Unpublished~~~
CampbellCrab Orchard 9-418Cem...Wmson Co., vol. 2; Off the Beaten PathEast of Marion
Campbell (Frank) FarmEast Marion 9-331~~~~~~
Campground (aka Perry)West Marion 9-211Off the Beaten Path; Lind, vol 2Behind Methodist Church on Rt. 37 between Marion and Johnston City
CanaGrassy 10-114~~~~~~
CanaCreal Springs 10-315Gone To Be an Angel~~~
CannonGrassy 10-116Those Left Behind~~~
CaplingerEast Marion 9-328Lind, vol. 3~~~
Carterville CommunityCarterville 9-115Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*~~~
CaseyLake Creek 8-330Lind, vol. 2~~~
CashCreal Springs 10-318Footprints in Williamson County, Illinois, spr. '98~~~
ChamnessWest Marion 9-229Those Left Behind~~~
ChamnessWest Marion 9-231Those Left Behind~~~
Chamness, Jas. P.West Marion 9-229Those Left Behind; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*~~~
Chamness, W. R.West Marion 9-220Those Left Behind~~~
Chaney-ParksCrab Orchard 9-432~~~On Robert McDonald farm
ChenowethWest Marion 9-225~~~Moved, according to Pearl Roberts. Members of her family were moved to Maplewood. She does not know where the others were moved
ChittyGrassy 10-125 Off the Beaten Path~~~
Cline-ParksCrab Orchard 9-417Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*Moved to Coal Bank Springs
CockeCreal Springs 10-332Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook* ~~~
Cole-HessGrassy 10-12Saga, win. '86; Those Left Behind~~~
County FarmWest Marion 9-212~~~No markers, about 25 graves
County LineCarbondale Twp18Cemeteries of Jackson County, vol. 2~~~
County Line (North)Corinth 8-45Lind, vol. 3~~~
County Line (South) aka Salem CemeteryCreal Springs 10-333-34Cemeteries of Tunnel Hill TwpPart of the cemetery is in Williamson County and part in Johnson County
CoxWest Marion 9-213Off the Beaten Path; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*~~~
Crab Orchard ChurchSouthern 10-23Lind, vol. 2; Wmson County Cem. Notebook*; Off the Beaten Path~~~
CraigCarterville 9-134Those Left Behind~~~
Crain-Pike-Vick (Old Golf Course)West Marion 9-222Ashby; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*; Off the Beaten Path~~~
Creal SpringsCreal Springs 10-326Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*~~~
CrenshawWest Marion 9-23~~~~~~
**CrossroadsEast Marion 9-39Lind, vol. 1; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*Between Pittsburgh and Marion in the country, one of the oldest in Williamson County
CulbreathEast Marion 9-313Off the Beaten Path; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*~~~
CundiffBlairsville 8-120Lind, UnpublishedColp Road to Blairsville
Cunningham, John M Cunningham-Logan SchoolEast Marion 9-318~~~Moved to Old Marion and to Rosehill Cemeteries
Davis PrairieEast Marion 9-323Lind, Unpublished on the south side of Rt. 13 about 5 miles east of Marion
Davis, John T.Stonefort 10-45Lind, vol. 5; Off the Beaten Path~~~
Davis, Wm.Stonefort 10-46Off the Beaten Path; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*One grave
DewmaineBlairville 8-135~~~~~~
DillinghamCorinth 8-416Lind, vol. 4~~~
DockinsSouthern 10-21Off the Beaten Path~~~
DollarCarterville 9-1~~~~~~Moved to Carterville Community Cemetery
DonelsonCreal Springs 10-322Lind, Unpublished~~~
DotyLake Creek 8-332Lind, vol. 1; Off the Beaten Path~~~
DrakeStonefort 10-433Saga, sum. '84; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*; Lind, Unpublished ~~~
Dunaway-BrainbridgeWest Marion 9-216Lind, vol. 5; Off the Beaten Path~~~
DuncanHerrin 8-212Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*;Off the Beaten Path~~~
DuncanHerrin 8-214Lind, Unpublished~~~
DuncanCarterville 9-136Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*~~~
Duncan-ChamnessCarterville 9-136Those Left Behind~~~
East Lawn MemorialWest Marion 9-28~~~~~~
EatonEast Marion 9-326Saga, sum. '79; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*; Off the Beaten PathNear Dahmer Farm
Ebenezer~~~~~~~~~Saline County
EdwardsCrab Orchard 9-419Lind, vol. 5; Ashby; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*; Off the Beaten Path~~~
EdwardsCarterville 9-1~~~~~~Moved to Carterville Community Cemetery
EldersCarterville 9-1~~~~~~Moved to Carterville Community Cemetery
Ellis (New Dennison)East Marion 9-335Off the Beaten Path~~~
ElmsStonefort 10-411Lind, Unpublished~~~
EverettLake Creek 8-326Lind, vol. 1; Off the Beaten Path~~~
EvettsStonefort 10-423Off the Beaten Path; Saga, win. '74; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*~~~
FairviewCreal Springs 10-313~~~~~~
Farris-CorderCrab Orchard 9-419Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*; Lind, Unpublished~~~
FergesHerrin 8-223Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*; Lind, Unpublished~~~
FerrelCrab Orchard 9-432Lind, vol. 4; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*~~~
Ferrell (Old Gum Springs)Creal Springs 10-313~~~~~~
FollisDenning Twp. 35Cemetery Inscriptions of Denning twp. In Franklin Co., IL~~~
FreedomSouthern 10-211Lind, UnpublishedJust off Rt. 37 about 5 miles south of Marion across side road from Freedom Freewill Baptist Church
FreemanHerrin 8-22Lind, vol. 4At Freeman Spur
Frick-WilsonWest Marion 9-218~~~~~~
Funk (Henderson Farm)West Marion 9-24~~~~~~
FurlongCrab Orchard 9-420Cem. Saline & Wmson, vol. 1; Off the Beaten Path~~~
FurlongCrab Orchard 9-420Off the Beaten Path~~~
FurlongEast Marion 9-336Off the Beaten Path, Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*~~~
GentryGrassy 10-120Saga, spr. '79~~~
GlendaleBlairsville 8-1~~~~~~~~~
Goddard-CaseyCreal Springs 10-335Cemeteries of Burnside Twp., Johnson Co.; Lind, vol. 2Cemetery is called Salem in the Burnside book and is in Williamson County
Goodall, JoabEast Marion 9-328Lind, vol. 2~~~
Goodall, Wm.East Marion 9-316Alexander Lane~~~
Grange HallSouthen 10-216~~~~~~
GrantLake Creek 8-311~~~Destroyed
GrantLake Creek 8-333~~~~~~
Grassy CreekGrassy 10-12Those Left Behind; Saga, win. '86~~~
Green-Roberts (Williford)Southern 10-211~~~~~~
Grissom, Wm. CreekEast Marion 9-3~~~~~~~~~
HallStonefort 10-414Lind, vol. 2; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*; Off the Beaten Path~~~
HalsteadCarterville 9-1~~~~~~Moved to Carterville Community Cemetery
HamptonGCarterville 9-126Those Left Behind; Lind, vol. 3; Saga, win. "86; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*~~~
HanksEast Marion 9-3~~~Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*; Lind, Unpublished~~~
Harmony Lake Creek Bapt.Lake Creek 8-34Lind, vol. 4~~~
HarrisLake Creek 8-315Lind, vol. 1; Off the Beaten Path~~~
Harris Farm (McGowan)Creal Springs 10-322~~~~~~
HartHerrin 8-211Off the Beaten Path~~~
HartwellLake Creek 8-328Lind, vol. 1~~~
HendricksonLake Creek 8-325Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*; Lind, Unpublished~~~
Hendrickson, HenryEast Marion 9-313Off the Beaten Path~~~
HenryCrab Orchard 9-41Lind, vol. 1; Cem. Saline and Williamson Counties; Cos, vol. 1; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook~~~
HenshawStonefort 10-423Lind, vol. 1; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*; Wmson Co. Cemetery Inscriptions, vol. 1, (Lind) p 45.Linda Holmes White located Henshaw: "The Henshaw Cemt. is really located 2 miles north of Stonefort. My G-G-Grandfather started the Henshaw Cemetery."
Herrin (City)Herrin 8-229~~~~~~
Hess (aka Cole-Hess)Grassy 10-12Those Left Behind~~~
HillCreal Springs 10-36Off the Beaten Path; Lind, vol. 2~~~
HillcrestCarterville 9-110~~~Turn north off Rt. 13 onto Division and go to Tippy Road, left onto Tippy to Willow Street, turn right. Cemetery is on left side of this street.
HinchcliffCarterville 9-14Lind, vol. 1; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*; Lind, UnpublishedBetween Rt. 13 and Cambria
HinchcliffCarterville 9-1~~~~~~Moved to Carterville Community Cemetery
Holeman (Moore Park)West Marion 9-215Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook* may be the same as Unknown 4 Destroyed, house on site
Holland Farm (Corder)West Marion 9-2 22~~~~~~
Holland, Joe D. (6)East Marion 9-312~~~Moved to Rose Hill
Holmes CemeteryStonefort 10-428Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*~~~
HowellGrassy 10-112Those Left Behind; Saga, win. '86; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*~~~
HuckLake Creek 8-317Lind, vol. 1; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*~~~
HuffmanSouthern 10-212Saga, sum. '81; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*Destroyed
HuffstuterSouthern 10-212Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*~~~
Hunter (Allen)Herrin 9-2 34Lind, vol. 2; Saga, fall '75; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook~~~
Hunter (Jacob)Lake Creek 8-330Lind, vol. 1; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*Six graves
HurricaneCarterville 9-11Saga, win. '84 & spr. '85; Wmson Co. Cem., Hurricane Cemetery Wmson Co.~~~
IOOFWest Marion 9-212~~~~~~
Indian CampCrab Orchard 9-435Cem... Wmson Co., vol. 2; Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*~~~
IvyStonefort 10-415~~~One grave
JenkinsEast Marion 9-328-29Lind, vol. 4~~~
JohnsonCorinth 8-423Wmson Co. Cem. Notebook*; Off the Beaten PathOne grave
JoynerStonefort 10-531Saline County Cemeteries, vol. 1; Saline County~~~


*"Notebook" is a collection of cemetery inventories which have not yet been or are in the process of being published. The notebooks and other books listed are available at the WCHS Museum Library , 105 South Van Buren Street, Marion, IL 62959.

This may not be a complete listing of the cemeteries of Williamson County. Cemetery rolls for the
** cemeteries can be found in the ILGenWeb Project Archives. ILWebGen is a separate project from the AHGP. A link to the ILWebGen Project for Williamson County is on the "Links" page of this website. If you know of a Williamson County Cemetery that is not listed, please email me with the complete cemetery name and location. Thank you!

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